EzyTone Detox Patches

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EzyTone Detox Patches

24.65 14.65

  • 30Pc With Box
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Here at Eco and Organic we have happily helped you navigate the confusing maze of products out there by eliminating all but the best. We have found this with EzyTone Detox Patches, they work in a twofold manner by aiding Slimming and Detoxifying at the same time. Why? Because these magnetic patches work with the body’s own endocrine system, which regulate the glands that control our body’s metabolic rate. So by increasing this rate we can then achieve a more complete burning of fats, carbs and sugars that are a big cause of excess weight.

  1. The Detox patch also actively blocks the uptake of further fats, increases blood circulation and removes the unwanted toxins that build up in our body
  2. While the Detox aspect helps you get rid of excess weight, reduces cellulite, speeds up lipid metabolism, cleanses and detoxifies the body
  3. This then improves bowel function helping with constipation and bloating whilst reducing what is known as ‘Phlegm Dampness’ a historical condition that is well understood and treated by traditional herbal remedies.


EzyTone Detox Patches Features:

  • 100% Safe and effective
  • Tightens and firms skin
  • Breaks down storage of fats
  • Burns fat and toxins


How to use:

  • Remove from the sachet and peel away the protective cover
  • Place the patch adhesive side on a clean and dry navel
  • Press the patch firmly on your skin for 10 seconds, make sure it sticks well
  • Simple as that! EzyTone Detox Patch will do the rest of it’s work to help you get in shape



1 box contains 30 pieces of patches

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