Shampoo Bars

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Shampoo Bars

9.59 8.59

  • Cinnamon Shampoo
  • Ginger Shampoo
  • Jasmine Shampoo
  • Lavender Shampoo
  • Mint Shampoo
  • Polygonum Shampoo
  • Seaweed Shampoo
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  1.  Shampoo Bars contain no harsh detergents and are made from 100% natural ingredients which make it a great sensitive scalp shampoo. Formula never weighs down the hair and rinses clean without leaving behind residue that can dull the look of your hair or make it feel heavy
  2. Shampoo bars require no packaging so they are better for the environment, saves space in your bathroom cabinet or suitcase. They are great for travelling as you don’t have to worry about any potential for spillage or liquid restrictions. The bars are perfect for carry-on not only because they are small and lightweight, they are FDA approved, which means you don’t have to plan your packaging around your hair care products!
  3. Better value for money as they are much more concentrated than traditional shampoos and conditioners, meaning you can use less and they will last longer. They are self-preserving which means they are better for the scalp and are less likely to cause irritations. 
  4. An all in one eco-friendly shampoo for men and women. Use it as a body soap, face soap or as a shaving soap. 

Seven different types: Cinnamon/ Seaweed / Ginger / Mint/ Jasmine / Lavender/ Polygonum


Shampoo Bars features:
Lavender Shampoo: Moisturizes. Anti-dandruff. Prevent Itching
Cinnamon Shampoo: Prevents Hair Loss
Seaweed Shampoo:Anti-dandruff
Ginger Shampoo: Good for hair growth. Enhances roots
Mint Shampoo: Refresh your hair and control extra oil
Jasmine Shampoo: For smoother and softer hair
Polygonum Shampoo: Moisturizes. Repairs damaged hair


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Apply to wet hair and gently massage into scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat as needed.


For external use only. In case of contact with eyes wash with water.
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