Silicone Food Storage Bags

$21.27 $19.15

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Silicone Food Storage Bags

$21.27 $19.15

  • 4pcs blue
  • 4pcs green
  • 4pcs red
  • 4pcs white
  • red white green blue
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  1. FDA approved silicone that is heat-resistant, anti-slip, anti-aging, anti-yellowing, lightweight, portable and unbreakable
  2. Silicone tops are round yet stretchy enough to fit snugly over odd-shaped mugs, pots, bowls, and containers
  3. You might find it a little difficult to use the first few times, but after repeated use silicone storage bags will loosen up.
  4. These reusable food bags can withstand temperatures of up to -40 Deg.C to 240 Deg.C, they are suitable for microwaves, conventional ovens, dishwashers, refrigerator, freezer etc.Perfect for any food storage and preservation needs.
  5. Environmentally-friendly, and a money saver, eliminating the need to repeatedly buy expensive plastic wrap.


–  Leakproof Design:
The easy to use bags are designed with a hermetic seal, meaning the seal is airtight, keeping your food and liquids fresh. Don’t have to worry about a leak or spill of any kind.
–  Different Colors:
4 colors for different storage needs, it is convenient for classified use.

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